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    Hadi Teherani And His Multiple Award Winning Design Line Landmark

    Hadi Teherani creates designs for modern living spaces at all levels. The architect and product designer develops visionary office complexes and designs lamps, street furniture and home textiles. Teherani projects like the "Living Bridge" and the Docklands office building in Hamburg shape contemporary cityscapes. His designs always consider the immediate environment of each object. Architecture adapts to its surroundings, not vice versa. With this approach Teherani designs buildings and products with a futuristic look and feel that still blend seamlessly into their respective environments.

    design for urban spaces
  • For Wall AG Hadi Teherani designed the Landmark street furniture line, including bus stop shelter, automatic public toilet, vending kiosk, city information panel, advertising pillars, and bluespot terminal. The defined, aesthetic shapes convinced numerous design award juries: so far, the Landmark bus stop shelter has was won the red dot award 2007, the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2006, and the hamburgerdesignpreis 2006.

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