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  • Street Furniture, Russian Style

    Russian-German Architect Sergej Tchoban Designs Street Furniture For A New Russian İdentity

    Sergej Tchoban, creator of the Wall design lines Arbat and Neva, has offices in Berlin and Moscow. His office buildings shape the cityscapes of major cities in the West and the East. Among them are the Java Tower in Hamburg, the Leipziger Platz Carré in Berlin, and the Federazija Tower in Moscow, which will be the highest building in Europe.

    street furniture, russian style
  • For Wall AG Sergej Tchoban designed the street furniture lines Arbat and Neva. Named after one of Moscow's oldest neighbourhoods and the Neva river that flows through St. Petersburg, the designs represent the new, modern, and open-minded Russia.

  • Sergej Tchoban On Wall Ag

    "The design lines Arbat and Neva were created for the Wall AG presentation project "Street Furniture for Moscow and St. Petersburg". Wall AG products shape the identity of urban spaces. That's why we gladly rose to the challenge of developing designs that may contribute to a new urban identity for Moscow and St. Petersburg."

    Sergej Tchoban on the Web: nps tchoban voss – Architekten BDA 

    sergej tchoban on wall ag