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    Street Furniture Designed By Public Transport Specialists

    S+K Architects and Designers, the brains behind the Wall design lines Campo and Avenue, are Prof. Helmut Staubach and Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Kuckertz. In 1995, the founded their offices in Berlin, where architects and designers work together on various projects, mainly for public transportation. They design station facilities, service buildings, shelters, and street furniture, adding to the comfort and convenience of passengers and personnel.

  • For Wall AG S+K Architects and Designers created the street furniture lines Campo and Avenue, each including the full range of street furniture: bus shelters, automatic public toilets, vending kiosks, advertising pillars, advertising display cases, bus stop posts, benches, city information panels, and directional systems. The latest Wall design by S+K Architects and Designers is the bus stop shelter Corso. With its straight lines and light transparency, the bus stop shelter exemplifies a modern aesthetics that blends in suavely with the urban environment.

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    Staubach + Kuckertz On Wall Ag:

    "We value Wall AG not only as one of the leading street furniture designers, with a discerning eye for design quality and technological innovation, but also as a company with a future-oriented corporate culture shaped by an extraordinary social commitment. Few companies show such an active sponsoring engagement for social, cultural, and charity projects." 

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