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  • "form explorers and usage designers"

    "form Explorers And Usage Designers"

    Iondesıgn Designs İnnovative Street Furniture That Address The Challenge Of Creating Something Completely New

    IONDESIGN was founded in 1993 by the industrial designers Anja Götz and Christoph Fleckenstein. As of 2008, Wall AG holds a 30-percent share in the design company. Today, six young creatives with backgrounds in architecture and design work for IONDESIGN. Their focus is on three-dimensional design. They view street furniture as objects that shape cities and public spaces - the missing link between architecture and product design.
    IONDESIGN's creations for Wall AG include the bluespot terminal, a City Light Board (CLB), and a billboard.

  • Ondesıgn On Iondesıgn:

    "IONDESIGN focuses entirely on products and their usability. Our creative form concepts result from the specific design tasks. We always look for the best imaginable design for each idea or invention, and we come up with ever-new, custom-made solutions. We love the challenge of products that have yet to be invented. We like to reveal undiscovered needs and possibilities. Together with Wall AG, we keep exploring innovative ideas and approaches - this is something we find extremely fascinating and interesting."

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  • ıondesıgn on the wall billboard system

    Iondesıgn On The Wall Billboard System

    "High-quality materials and superb manufacturing differentiate the Wall billboard product range from conventional systems. The clear structure, strong construction, and precise frame present the CLB format poster like a fine picture in a valuable frame. The passepartout-like background, elegant profiles, and black acrylic glass add to the aesthetic image."

  • other ıondesıgn products: other ıondesıgn products:

    Other Iondesıgn Products:

    For Wall: bluespot terminal (Good Design Award Japan) Wall public toilet, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Wall offices in Freiburg

    Others: Packaging design for Kraft ketchup Moldex ear protection