• ıstanbul

    3,000 Years Of Tradition Meet İnnovative Advertising Concepts

    Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Our street furniture and innovative out-of-home media concepts help to modernize the Turkish metropolis while respecting its cultural heritage.

  • Konya

    The City Of Mevlana

    The city of Konya, situated 200 kilometres south of Ankara in central Turkey, is one of the oldest residential areas in Anatolia. While being the largest city in terms of area, it is also the 6th most crowded city in Turkey.

  • berlin berlin

    The Out-Of-Home Media Capital

    Dog Service, bluespot, wheelchair-accessible automatic public toilets: many of our innovations had their debut in Berlin.

  • Freiburg

    Wall Street Furniture Adds To The Good Atmosphere İn Freiburg

    Freiburg is not only young, but also modern. Wheelchair-accessible automatic public toilets, city information panels with emissions indicator, and other street furniture add to the good climate in the city.

  • Düsseldorf

    Fashion Hot Spot With Modern Street Furniture

    In Düsseldorf, Wall AG is not only present in the city, but also on the airport. With innovative street furniture and high-end advertising spaces, we stay abreast of the trend in this fashion capital.