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  • bluetooth


    City Light Posters with Bluetooth functionality. Young, mobile, and technology-friendly target groups can download songs, videos, flyers, and other information directly from the poster display onto their handsets. Advertising with added value and pull effect. For attention-intensive brand communication. 

  • Poster To Mobile

    Poster to Mobile opens new bilateral communication opportunities. Viewers send a text message to the number stated on the poster. Shortly thereafter, they receive a text or multimedia message containing additional information on the brand or product. Poster to Mobile piques the interest of mobile audiences and drives acceptance of digital brand communication. 

    poster to mobile
  • bluespot


    City maps, transport schedules, cultural events, cinema listings, shopping tips, restaurant guide, tourist information. Plus the chance to make free phone calls and surf the Net at no charge. The Wall bluespot information system offers all this and more. Everyone can access bluespot via integrated touchscreens in electronic city information panels and bluespot terminals. A great service for citizens and tourists. And an attractive digital communication medium for local and trans-regional campaigns. 


    Learn more about the bluespot information portal


  • Digital Campaigns And Cross Media

    Campaigns that address our senses via a combination of several media attract lasting attention. Wall AG's cross media solutions with scent dispensers, sound modules, illumination effects, or programmable scrolling systems make your message audible, smellable, and multi-dimensional. Combine with Bluetooth, Poster to Mobile, or bluespot to launch your digital communication in public spaces. For nearly limitless creative opportunities and successful campaigns. 

    digital campaigns and cross media

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