ınnovative street furniture Innovative Street Furniture
  • ıntelligent series: smarter street furniture

    Intelligent Series: Smarter Street Furniture

    The street furniture line Intelligent Series, designed by the Japanese studio GK Sekkei, offer beauty and brains. The bus stop shelter with solar panel roof, complemented by a bluespot terminal, is one of the most innovative street furniture articles in the world. The automatic public toilet with patented 2=1 technology offers two ingenious solutions in one place - it offers both two separate restroom units or one larger room that is wheelchair-accessible. All that's required is to automatically fold back the separating wall.

  • Next-Generation Advertising Pillar

    Wall AG's intelligent, innovative advertising pillar is a stellar example of energy efficiency. The advertising pillar is lit by a patented illumination ring that evenly suffuses the entire surface of the pillar with light. Still, the central light source only needs a fraction of the energy required by traditional illuminated advertising pillars. The energy advantage of this patented innovation is its ingenious reflector system. Integrated reflector panels reflect the light, illuminating the advertising poster. For attractive, eco-friendly poster advertisements by day and by night.

    next-generation advertising pillar
  • barrier-free city-toilets

    Barrier-Free City-Toilets

    Wall AG's automatic public toilets offer wheelchair-accessible convenience even in restricted spaces. To achieve this, Wall AG has developed two patented system. The City-Toilet 2=1 has a retractable seperating wall. Once retracted, it turns the two separate units into one spacious, wheelchair-accessible lavatory. The second patented solution is the patented movable toilet seat. The automatic public toilets City-Toilet Avenue, Streetline, Campo, and Challenge all feature this patented technology. The toilet seat can be turned sideways, leaving disabled persons enough space to access the seat directly from the wheelchair. All Wall AG City-Toilets installed in Berlin were awarded the label "Berlin barrierefrei" (barrier-free Berlin). But Berlin is not the only city to benefit from the innovative technologies - Wall City-Toilets make urban spaces more accessible to everyone in all other Wall partner cities, too. All Wall AG street furniture design lines feature barrier-free automatic public toilets.

  • Timescope

    Time travel is possible - with the Wall AG timescope. It lets the viewer gaze through a telescope that shows the past as well as the future. Viewers see the scene before them in different decades and states. The boundaries that separate the present, past, and future are dissolved. With timescope, history becomes alive and the future is just the blink of an eye away. 

    timescope timescope

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